The Mourning After

by Ahmed Sirour



In protest of the unjust grand jury verdict of the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson "case", and this is in protest of police brutality and racism, in light of the many men and women, especially of African descent, who were unarmed, racially-profiled, and murdered by law enforcement.

This injustice must come to an end! I called it "The MOURNING After" as a double-meaning: I created this the morning after the verdict and as a call to action after mourning the loss of our fallen brothers and sisters (of all colors and nationalities) whose lives were taken by corrupt, violent and, many times, racist police.

Made especially at 4.5 minutes long in the memory of Michael Brown, Jr. of Ferguson, MO.


released 28 November 2014
Speeches by (in chronological order):

Nina Simone
Bella Aiko
Malcolm X
Wendell Pierce
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ferguson Protestors
excerpt from "Red Tails"
Harry Belafonte

All music produced/edited/mixed/mastered by Ahmed Sirour



all rights reserved


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Ahmed Sirour Brooklyn, New York

The composer brings an idea sketched out. The arranger then takes the idea and places it in the best order. The musicians execute the idea. The producer oversees it all, and the engineer captures, mixes, and masters it...and they all happen to have the same name.

Ahmed Sirour.

Self-taught keyboardist/pianist, new breed remixologist, original music iconoclast. Basically, "press play" and hear...
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