Different Rooms, One House

by Ahmed Sirour



My contribution to this world, as an artist, is to provide music that gives your mind and soul that needed boost you need to help you get through the day and into the night. The most recent was through thEARapy (and please know, I'm working on the full LP version, because I know we'll all need more of it), but this time will be through HOUSE MUSIC! So yes, I've gone 180 degrees to the other side of the beat spectrum to deliver to you: "Different Rooms, One House".

And, as always, I can't just offer a pre-order without giving a bonus to those who take advantage of it, which is why I'm giving all those who do so a surprise RE-remix of my popular "Move Love" remix (the initial one I did which was a Soul/Bossa Nova remix of the original Robert Glasper Experiment/Black Radio 1 version), and turned it into the "Move Love Samba House remix"! I won't release this version to the general public until 22 February 2017 to mark the 5th anniversary (wow) of my Bossa remix AND which was also released on my b'earthday (when I also happened to be in Brasil when I finished it, and just in time for the last day of Carnaval, which was also on my b'earthday that year). This will ONLY be available for pre-order sales, then won't show up again until February 2017 (unless you happen to hear it on the radio or from one of your favorite DJs spinning it at your local spot until then).


released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Ahmed Sirour Brooklyn, New York

The composer brings an idea sketched out. The arranger then takes the idea and places it in the best order. The musicians execute the idea. The producer oversees it all, and the engineer captures, mixes, and masters it...and they all happen to have the same name.

Ahmed Sirour.

Self-taught keyboardist/pianist, new breed remixologist, original music iconoclast. Basically, "press play" and hear...
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