thEARapy - the EP

by Ahmed Sirour



Most people know that I began my recording career by releasing a slow, instrumental project called, "The After 2am Sessions" and that it was constructed to be a sort of mood-setting, stress-releasing, meditative project to create peaceful vibrations for the listeners.

This new EP is no exception, although the added aspect to that formula was to include the sounds of the Earth/nature to give a fuller experience to my own sound and simply create therapy for your ears...or "ThEARapy". What's additionally unique about it, as a production note, is that it was composed and recorded in the island of Bali, Indonesia...8 degrees below the Equator in a tropical environment, so it was the perfect setting to draw inspiration from, which is why you hear natural elements that reflected my surroundings.

I do plan to expand this later into a full EP but for now, I need to send this out to the world because it is truly needed. Music can truly and actually heal your soul and well-being, and with all the madness happening in the world at this very minute (or at any point in time that you listen to this project) it will certainly be necessary because self-care is just as important as taking on the world to create a better existence than the present one.

I hope when you listen that it rejuvenates you, wherever you may be and whatever culture you might be from, I hope the universal energy of this music frees you, heals you, and gives you the needed boost you need to clear your mind and simply feel...better!



released August 16, 2016

All music composed, performed, produced, edited, mixed, mastered by Ahmed Sirour except where noted*.

*Pete Muldoon - acoustic guitar performance & arrangement on "The Rain[beat]maker"



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ahmed Sirour Brooklyn, New York

The composer brings an idea sketched out. The arranger then takes the idea and places it in the best order. The musicians execute the idea. The producer oversees it all, and the engineer captures, mixes, and masters it...and they all happen to have the same name.

Ahmed Sirour.

Self-taught keyboardist/pianist, new breed remixologist, original music iconoclast. Basically, "press play" and hear...
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