This Would Be a Love Song​.​.​.​If Only I Could Sing (the LP)

by Ahmed Sirour



This 10-track LP is the completion of the sophomore project (originally released February 12th, 2013) by producer, musician, and also poet, Ahmed Sirour, following his debut project 'The After 2am Sessions LP'. This is the full album of the experimental project combining the Ahmed's two loves of poetry and music, fused with the ever-popular theme of love & romance...the good, the bad, and the humorous!

Most people are unaware that Ahmed was a poet far longer than he had been a musician. Writing poetry an essays from as early as when he was 8 or 9 years old, Ahmed always had an affinity for the written word. His first romantic poems were written to one of his earliest crushes in grade school at age 14. He would continue to write countless pieces from that age onward (many which have been misplaced and lost over time, including numerous composition notebooks). It wasn't until 2002, when he became a full-fledged professional musician, that poetry would take a backseat as he began to fully explore his newfound talent that has culminated to this point where he comes a full 360-degrees to fuse his two passions and gifts together, finally, into this collection of original compositions of romantic poetry/short stories paired with timeless music...pieces that would otherwise be vocal songs, if he felt he could actually sing lol

Just in time for Valentine's Day 2015, and year-round for the lovers, the hope{ful] romantics, and even the simply those who love of music and prose, "This Would Be a Love Song...If Only I Could Sing" is Ahmed's next experimental project, now incorporating words with sounds, centered on the eternal theme of Love.


released February 3, 2015

All original words and music, mixing and mastering by Ahmed Sirour. Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved. "This Would Be a Love Song...If Only I Could Sing".



all rights reserved


Ahmed Sirour Brooklyn, New York

The composer brings an idea sketched out. The arranger then takes the idea and places it in the best order. The musicians execute the idea. The producer oversees it all, and the engineer captures, mixes, and masters it...and they all happen to have the same name.

Ahmed Sirour.

Self-taught keyboardist/pianist, new breed remixologist, original music iconoclast. Basically, "press play" and hear...
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Track Name: 01 "To Whom This Will Concern"
That you may exist is the reason I write this
and smile, somewhere within, in the place in
my spirit that knows you will be here one
day, and say to me, unequivocally, that I
am the man you had hoped life would send
your way, who would love you all day, until
the start of the next, and then the next, and
then continue until there were no more left
for him on this Earth. I want to believe my
birth was timed and that the countdown began
until one day the sand runs out and our paths
finally connect and the vindication of our
intuitions are found correct that in each other
we could finally see the full beauty of who we
really were. One day I want you to refer to
this and know it was you I was speaking about
all along, or in the song I composed, or a photo
of a beautiful place I had been...wanting to share
this with you, to celebrate the wonder of feeling
like this, simply because you are--you exist. You
don't end the list, you start a whole new page and
a new age can then begin when you enter in the
vacant places of my heart yet unseen; I mean, the
doors the others couldn't or didn't try to walk through.
And I will talk with you until we fall asleep, and wake
up, and see you, and keep shaking my head that
you are there...not because I don't think I deserve
you but that I've reserved that moment for you
and you really came, and somehow, you thought the
same about me. I wonder if I even actually know
your name but I know that amongst all who would
read this, where they'd feel the poetry, you'd feel
the praise and be moved, humbly, at the audacious
realization that this is actually about you...and then you
might even laugh, as you show me that you wrote
the same thing about me, too.
Track Name: 02 "Angel" (feat Emilia Massias)
French lyrics & vocals by Emilia Massias
All music/production by Ahmed Sirour
Track Name: 05 "Long Distance Dilemma"
"Silent in the cool of this night, I write these words
at this very moment as we watch the same stars though
in different skies but in similar sighs as we are so
close yet so far away...and yet our conversations replay
in my mind and stay close by me. Close I see you in
my proximity, the first moment we are given to make
that be, and can you see all the places you want me
to kiss you...bliss you into submissive moans that
harmonize to the rhythm of my lips touching the many
places I explore of you...take a tour of to
even the deep and hidden places and open new doors
of you.

Sound breaks the silence of the night and the cool is
replaced by the heat we being to create, even as desire
has become the fate of this interaction, and I had to take
action and stop to write this for you, and not just to right
this for you, for any wrong I may have said, though the
only lying will be upon the bed, beside you...inside you,
make the real the dream and the subconscious the waking

Time seems just a ruler that can only measure its own
height, but we stretch beyond even imagination, and the
elation of this vibe defies what's supposed to make sense
and I sense you feel that way as well...but why analyze
when we can tell that the best way to understand is to
let reason stand aside and abide in this glow that we make,
and for their sake, others should shield their eyes, and
the wise must re-learn what makes this flow so fast.
Nothing from the past to explain this pattern, so like
a new math equation, we move like one instead of

The rhyme is through...I just want you"